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Over 50 Different liquid Herbal Extracts

Homeopathy Medicines

Influenzinum 200ck-

Widely used for Flu Prevention





We carry many other homeopathy medicines & custom order for patients.




      30 Softgel capsules

1oz Natural Herbal Salves

Arnica infused

Used for muscle aches & pains, sprains, bruises, relief from insect bites. NOT for use on broken skin

Calendula infused

for dry, sensitive or irritated skin, cuts, slow healing wounds, diaper rash, minor burns, and scarring

Chaparral infused

first aid for cuts and wounds, spider/insect bites, arthritis pain, cold sores, sun damaged skin, and more

Herbal Salves (Topicals)

Carried at NHCC


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Prefer another brand? We can order it for you or help find a carrier of that product.


*Lemon Eucalyptus

*Cinnamon Oatmeal

Natural Bar Soap

If you do not see your favorite remedy on this page, call our center. We might have it in stock, or may be able to order it for you. (520) 323-0069. Products are ordered weekly.

All products are Professional Grade quality.

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B-12 Sublingual Strips

Borderland Herbals, locally made