To all my patients, past and present,
It amazes me that it has almost been 10 years that I have been practicing Naturopathic Medicine. I have learned so much, on so many different levels, during this time. You all have been my biggest teachers, which I am humbled and grateful for. Thank you for trusting me, opening up to me, and allowing me to be a part of all of your healing journeys. I feel the most important thing I have learned is that every
single one of us has challenges and adversities, and at the very same time we are all Beautiful and Perfect, and we All can Heal. For me it is time for a sabbatical of sorts, a time to practice the same self-care and self-exploration, that I have recommended to many of you over the years. I am very excited to have this opportunity. It is open ended, and I will go with the flow of where it leads… I trust in the wisdom of this process and believe I will gain insight and tools to continue to empower and enlighten all people to their highest healing

Here are the logistics as of now:
• Starting January 2018, I will take a complete break from my private practice.
• My intention is to continue to see those of you who receive or wish to receive
Arvigo Therapy® (Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®
www.arvigotherapy.com ). ***If you are interested in this please respond to
this email with your contact info (name, phone number, email, etc.), and I will
send you further information.
• Monthly “Lunch Hour Retreats” at Natural Healing Care Center (NHCC)!!!
The first Lunch Hour Retreat will be on the New Moon Tuesday January
16th, Noon-1pm. Dr. Jasmine May and myself will be offering one Lunch
Hour Retreat a month for the next 6 months (January-June)… and they are a
complimentary gift to all of you who wish to attend!!! We will love to see you
there!! Space is limited so please reserve a spot at NHCC.
• Food Evaluations will continue to be available through NHCC.

“Making room for healing and growth begins with respecting the uniqueness that makes you, you.”       ~Dr. Angela, ND

Dr. Angela Wojtowicz, NMD

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 My professional career started as a scientific researcher specializing in gene expression at Celera, Sagres and then the University of California, Davis.

¤Realizing the importance and truth in ancient wisdom, nature and preventative health, I wanted to move beyond conventional science.

¤ I attended the 4 year AANP accredited medical school: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ.

¤ Now a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (NMD) I combine my faith in the bodies vitality and innate ability to heal with the wisdom of traditional medicines and scientific research.

¤ My goal is to use my expertise to educate and empower you in your body and help you achieve optimal health.

¤ Together we discover the root cause that blocks your bodies natural balance.By removing these blocks we are able to strengthen your roots: mind, body and spirit.

¤ I love listening to you and helping you find your way on your unique healing journey.

¤ Naturopathic medicine is for those of you who are ready to take responsibility for your health, respect the wisdom and messages from your body, and trust in the body’s vitality and ability to return balance and achieve optimum health.

¤ My practice is family oriented, I have a special love for kids and mamas and the importance of starting with a solid foundation for strong roots!!"


2004-2008 Naturoapthic Doctor - Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science.

2000-2004 Scientific Researcher: in both academic and private research institutions. I explored the expression of genes in parasitic plants, evolutionary mutations, cancers, and the body’s inflammatory response to infectious disease.

2000 Bachelors of Science in Plant Biotechnology - University of California at Davis.